Our sailing ship company partners

We have learned over the past years, that ship companies / ship owners have ample availability of unused cabins during certain periods of the year, which they would like to be seen commercialised. In this respect, it will be worthwhile for you to consider a partnership with us, so we can help you in attracting guests boarding your ship to enjoy the sailing trips which you offer. We aim to be cooperating with like-minded sailing ship companies, matching our philosophy, and who can offer cabins on their ships for our guests. The SailingSelection.com platform can ultimately be only succesful for everyone, when there are many sailing ship company partners, having the same confidence in this concept as we do, and joining in, accordingly.

Why joining our concept as partner

In order to get a good impression of our concept, we have set up a list of Questions which we think potential ship company partners will ask us about, while considering a partnership. We hope this will give you a clear first picture of a potential partnership, and finally hope we can welcome you ''on board" our platform as well. For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via: info@sailingselection.com Hopefully, till soon, and with very best nautical regards from the SailingSelection.com - team.

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