Sailing expedition to Orkney, one way

Wed 21-06-2023
Fri 23-06-2023
(2 nights)
With the Wylde Swan (Trip code WS-2021-2) from Wylde Swan BV
From € 525,00 p.p.

Sailing trip description

Enjoy this sailing expedition on Tall Ship Wylde Swan from Scrabster to Orkney.

Experience sailing Tall Ship Wylde Swan

Join our professional crew in sailing Tall Ship Wylde Swan. You can help in se... Read more
  • Combine sailing in various conditions and weather types
  • Many different coastlines around this sea
  • Experience the variety of national cultures bordering the North Sea
Port of departure Scrabster (SCO)
Port of arrival Orkney (SCO)
Your experience Sailing & nature
How active Relax & assistance
Crew on board 3-10
Guests on board 13-30
Weather type Cold weather sailing
Cooking type A cook is on board
Area North Sea
Wylde Swan
Wylde Swan was built as the world’s largest top sail schooner. A fast sailer with an imposing rig. Below deck, the concept is simple – a big main hold in which people work, live and sleep together. In...
  • Fast sailer with a huge rig
  • Suitable for guests who enjoy outdoor life and the seas, while exploring visiting countries
  • Focus on sail training for youngsters in a sense of social togetherness
  • Youngsters sleep in bunk beds in 1 space
Tall ships
62 m

Cabins / Prices

Regular cabin
29 cabins available
1 persons
Has bathroom
Shared cabin
€ 525,00
including taxes and other charges