Volcano Islands of the Canary Archipelago, one way

Sat 12-11-2022
Sat 19-11-2022
(7 nights)
With the Eye of the Wind (Trip code 22/44) from Forum train & sail GmbH
From € 1.890,00 p.p.

Sailing trip description

From Lanzarote to Tenerife: Paradise Islands of the Canary Archipelago

The maritime world of the Canary Islands unfolds its entire scenic beauty within the scope of this one-week exploratory trip.... Read more
  • Good sailing area during winter-time (due to pleasant climate)
  • Mostly good (strong )winds in this area
  • Impressive (vulcanic) nature offered by the several islands invite people for hikings etc. on land
Port of departure Puerto Calero (Lanzarote), Spain
Port of arrival San Miguel (Tenerife), Spain
Your experience Sailing & nature
How active Relax & assistance
Crew on board 3-10
Guests on board 8-12
Weather type Warm weather sailing
Cooking type A cook is on board
Area Canary Islands
Eye of the Wind
This Tall Ship unites in itself more than 100 years of tradition and modern travel comfort in a unique and elegant way. To this day, the Eye of the Wind is operated according to th...
  • Historic tall ship
  • Combination of more than 100 years of tradition and modern travel comfort
  • Still sailed in a traditional way
  • Max 12 guests on board: intimate social atmosphere
Tall ships
40 m

Cabins / Prices

Eye of the Wind cabin (two bunks)
6 cabins available
Accommodation aboard the Eye of the Wind is in double cabins, as it is common on sailing ships. All six cabins are comfortably furnished. In addition to toilet, shower, and air conditioning, standard... Read more
2 persons
Has bathroom
Double bed
Shared cabin
€ 1.890,00
including taxes and other charges